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Thank you for choosing MyPrintingDeals Graphic Design Services. Once the checkout process has been completed, one of our amazing designers will contact you to discuss your new design.

Design fees are based on projected time set aside for each design. Fees are billed at $75 per hour. Phone calls and design consultations will be counted towards design time. Customers are allowed a total of 15 minutes of meeting time before the time is counted as a revision round. After the five (5) rounds of revisions/proofs are met, if more revisions are requested, an additional fee of $35 will be charged for each additional two (2) revisions/proofs provided. This additional fee will be billed for each request of two (2) additional revisions/proofs provided after the allotted five (5) initial included rounds of revisions/proofs have been furnished.


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When purchasing this design fee, you will be presented with the initial design and will then have three rounds of revisions. Please put all revisions into one email. Each email containing revisions will count as one round.

Please note, we are human. We all make mistakes sometimes. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide correct information and then to double check that it has all been transcribed correctly. MyPrintingDeals is not responsible for missed typos. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make sure all information is correct. By approving your proof, you acknowledge that you have read through each file carefully.

No artwork will ever go to print without your final approval.


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